Not Mine

Ten of your no’s, I spotted one yes;
all your harmonies, I suspected distress.
Your many smiles, I found reservation;
in your warmth, I sensed distance.

But was it keen observation,
or merely my projection?
Were your stabs true aggression,
or simply investigation?

Were you truly indifferent,
or were you holding protection?
Was your light your true brilliance,
or your mask of your essence?

Here I stand watching you glow,
I wondered if you are whole.
Or are you a different me;
similar wound, divergent glee?


But your truth is not mine to know,
your sanctuary, not mine to go,
your darkness, not mine to solve,
and your greatness, not mine to grow.

For crucibles are our own to pass,
through the flames can we know at last:
the burns, the scars, the grunts, the grind;
all were worth it, for the wondrous wind.

The wind, the sky, the sun, the light;
Boundless and free: ultimate might!
The air, the heights, no chains in sight,
No holding back, endless delight!

For greatness is void sans integrity,
and depth is hollow without dignity;
Honor is vain if it is false,
name is nothing if not your own.


But still your truth, I do not know;
All these, my speculation…  my woe.
Your shadow may just be my fantasy;
and your uncertainty, a mystery.

Perhaps you truly are tall,
steadfast, assured, confident, known.
Perhaps you truly are light,
and your shadow, simply my own.

But even if the darkness is yours,
it still is not mine to solve,
your greatness, not mine to know,
and your soul, never mine to mold.

Here I stand, watching you smile,
true or masked, not mine to rile;
Your essence, not mine to find,
for simply: you are not mine.


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